08 years may be a very memorable year in the history of Chinese sneaker development; at the end of the year, China was finally born the first pair of genuine professional sports shoes! after six months of hard work, China's Li Ning Co and Belgian Ace International Corporation (RSscan) finally worked together to develop the first professional sports shoes like shoes development and design projects. This is the first time in China to do international cooperation to develop high-end professional sports shoes. first, structural design professional function by Mr. Jempi president of Ace Kang International first according to Lining's demand for marathon shoes and ten cheap jordans for sale nis shoes, Ace Kang International Design Department of Lining after training by Lining design and sample shoes development, followed by Ace Kang the sample shoes are designed for repeated biomechanical testing and modification. Jempi according to his 28 years of professional shoes R & D experience, from the drawings, materials, development, design and so on, as much as possible to help Lining staff to find out the shortcomings of shoes and experience the rapid professional R & D process. After a round of testing and reconstruction of a round of perfect, like the last marathon shoes performance training shoes to achieve a higher level of international professional tennis shoes, also r Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping eached high professional level and hard tennis shoes, Jempi help Lining sponsored by foreign athletes for the personalized design, with Jempi RSLab Lining Ljubicic of the tennis star to adapt to the situation of monitoring. Ljubicic is satisfied in the trial of new research and development of tennis shoes, which also marks the first professional design cooperation project Lining was able to serve the international high level athletes. At the end of the project, Lining's design and development department, as well as the dedicated work style of the special department staff, also won the praise of the Belgian RSscan and its branches. it is expected that Chinese sports Retro jordans for sale enthusiasts may see the training shoes of professional design techniques in the Lining store by the end of 09. RSscan (Ace Kang International) President Jempi said at the end of the project, all the current international top brands are focused to develop mobile professional shoes, because of the development of functional shoe design professional athletes sports is the soul of the brand, the core technology of the Story concept in a few years ago has been unable to attract consumers, sports shoes enterprises only built based professional shoes R & D and functional research of the core technology is likely to have sustained and rapid improvement in the future. This is Jempi in cheap foamposites 20 years of cooperation with the world's major brands to see the professional shoe technology in the development of sports shoes throughout historyFollowing the EXT version of the official release, Nike also launched under this new LeBron 13 Elite LB EP. This shoe is made of brown leather, and ankle the tongue piercing can effectively enhance the overall comfort, and extend to the flank of the carbon plate bottom is to strengthen the overall stability, finally equipped with white midsole and transparent rubber outsole. 1.jpg (419.11 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 13 Elite LB EP 2016-8-13 08:47 Nike to upload this topic by Tony in the 00 generation 2016-8-13 08:48 Retro jordans for sale our province "brand big province" construction also bear fruit. In 2006 China brand-name products announced today, our province has a total of 89 products on the list, including the new 57, the total number of the list in the provinces (cities, districts) first, this is my province list a number of brand-name products up to China. Up to now, our province has a total of China famous brand products totaled 195, ranking second in the country. "this year won the first in the country is not easy, because in 2006 China brand assessment for more detailed and more strict." Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau quality department official said. According to reports, the evalu cheap jordan shoes for men ation index system of Chinese brand focus on enterprise scale, product market rigidity index rate, and this year it began to value the enterprise capability of independent innovation, scientific and technological content, product quality, its own intellectual property based construction of soft power index, as enterprises have the patent number, are above the provincial level R & D center, no postdoctoral are listed as the main index. The cultivation and development of The "no fixed term labor contract" is most striking in the forthcoming labor contract law of the . In accordance with the provisions of the fourteenth law of the labor contract, employees who work in the same Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping unit for ten years or more shall sign non fixed term labor contracts. Many enterprises understand it as increasing the pressure of enterprise human resource adjustment. "in September 2007, all HUAWEI employees work of HUAWEI, including Ren Zhengfei, over eight years, in 2008 New Year's day before, must have handled the active resignation procedures (i.e. the first" resign ", then the" competition mount guard "), and then signed a contract with the company 1-3 years; the abolition of the current job number system, all no reordering. informed sources said that HUAWEI's move is intended to avoid the upcoming January 1, 2008 implementation of the new "labor contract law" to "sta cheap jordans online ndardize the labor and maintain the competitiveness of enterprises do" the future of the enterprise in the system of the challenge. The new labor law 6 year period the National People's Congress passed the "meet: workers in the employer has over ten years of continuous work" or "two consecutive fixed-term labor contract 'and other conditions, can the employer and establish a" non fixed term labor contract ", to become a permanent employee." although the compensation standard is attractive, and the staff also voluntarily, but HUAWEI will eventually escape the criticism of the media. For a time, a 7000 person collective resignation of the spectacle, a cost of 1 billion yuan a feat, cheap jordans for sale mens HUAWEI was interpreted as a strategic move to increase the competitiveness of the employees, the same is widely regarded as a response to the "labor contract law" of the open, to remove the burden on, or even a provocation to the new law HUAWEI, the "resignation storm" was noisy in the public eye more and more hot, what is a common strategic adjustment, or an unusual spoof? Everyone temporarily spoken English legend, all kinds of arguments rampant...... "HUAWEI collective resignation storm" involved in the cusp of public opinion. 11 month, the Shenzhen HUAWEI Technology Co. Ltd. the recent 5100 employees quit competing events, Guangdong Provincial Federation of trade unions respo Cheap air jordans for sale nsible comrades in November 9th met with senior vice president of HUAWEI company. HUAWEI also has suspended some of the staff and then resign post work, and preparations for the convening of the workers congress, interim provisions of the original established directly relates to the interests of employees, submitted to Congress to consider. But at this point, HUAWEI, an old employee told reporters, HUAWEI employees re appointment event has in fact been completely completed, we re signed the labor contract, according to the new contract began work. As a result, there is no pause, no pause, no pause and no suspension. All the staff are on track, and the storm is over. although HUAWEI's resignation seems to have gone away, it has left us deeper thinking. In this uproar, too many people can not use ordinary heart to goJapanese brand visvim day before MALISEET-FOLK released a new personality shoes series a series of main knitting cotton material. New style with handmade high-end leather shoes, collocation Knitting Cotton Quilted collar with leather laces, has injected new vitality into the traditional pramoxine Xin shoes. {div〉 Thats, what, I, saw, on, FootLocker February Chings ready on 4pm la. P.S. A sportswears chain storeBbsImg138594550120083_570_570.jpg (37.36 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-2 09:27 upload by Nike SB will be able to see the development track of many shoe skateboard shoes, after the design of new type sealing tape, Nike SB box back to the old style, color is more gorgeous, black diamond Nike SB Dunk Low near the water blue collocation white logo and font, this new packaging new in 2014 show. Recently, Nike Sportswear fragment design once again teamed up for the fall brought two new Tennis Classic AC. This wine is red and blue respectively with two color rendering, the body of the shoe by the superior texture of leather crafted, with rubber outsole continuation retro beauty, and finally by the Nike Court metal decorative details. Nike-FRGMNT-Tennis-Classic-AC-SP-5.jpg (152.32 KB, download number: 7) download fragment design x Nike Tennis Classic AC SP 2015-10-14 09:16 upload Nike-FRGMNT-Tennis-Classic-AC-SP-2.jpg (150.43 KB, download number: 13) download fragment design x Nike Tennis Classic AC SP 2015-10-14 09:16 upload Nike-FRGMNT-Tennis-Classic-AC-SP-1.jpg (131.71 KB, download number: 12) download fragment design x Nike Tennis Classic AC SP 2015-10-14 09:16 upload Nike-FRGMNT-Tennis-Classic-AC-SP-3.jpg (130.79 KB, download number: 17) download fragment design x Nike Tennis Classic AC SP 2015-10-14 09:16 upload Nike-FRGMNT-Tennis-Classic-AC-SP-4.jpg (128.6 KB, download number: 19) download fragment design x Nike Tennis Classic AC SP 2015-10-14 09:16 upload 1